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Married students MUST enter Malaysia as a single traveller

The Immigration Department will ONLY accept the dependent application / Visa With Reference (VDR) after completion of student (principle) pass. However, Undergraduate student is NOT allowed to bring dependent.

Please contact UTHM International Office at for inquiries.
Visa With Reference (VDR) / Family Application (Checklist)

Wife/Husband (spouse) with children (below 17 years old) OR Mother OR Father OR Husband and Mother. Family in Law/Brother/Sister is NOT ALLOWED to apply for dependent pass

  1. Student from Nigeria & Afghanistan are REQUIRED to apply Dependent VAL from Immigration Department prior travelling to Malaysia for conversion to Dependent Pass (list of country will change from time to time).
  2. For A NEW BORN BABY IN MALAYSIA, please apply Dependent Visa and make Passport at your embassy within 3 months from date of birth.  New born baby are required to attend at Immigration Office to make Special Pass before apply a dependent pass.
  3. Immigration Department will charge Journey Perform (JP) fee MYR520 for each Dependent.
  4. The principle (student) MUST renew the student pass before dependent can submit for renewal.
  5. The date of expiring of dependent pass cannot exceed expiry date of principle (e. if student pass expiry on 22 February 2019, the dependent pass will expired earlier or on same date of principle).

Late submission of dependent passport near to the expiry date of the Social/Special Pass which you obtained from Immigration in your passport upon arrival.

Please submit your passport/document to UTHM International Office for DEPENDENT PASS ENDORSEMENT WITHIN 7 DAYS ARRIVAL IN MALAYSIA to avoid paying additional charges. Immigration Department may not endorse dependent pass if late submission. Immigration may request your dependent to return to home country.

Malaysian Immigration Department may not endorse dependent pass if the student submit late the document after arriving in Malaysia. If Immigration REJECT your dependent pass application, your family are required to exit Malaysia and reapply.


Dependents who have overstayed in Malaysia will be brought to the Enforcement Unit, Immigration Department 2 times for verification to the Immigration Enforcement Officer, accompanied by UTHM International Office staff. Any penalties/compound must be borne by the student. The process for overstay case will take 4 – 8 WEEKS for Immigration issue a Special Pass.


Students and dependent are responsible to monitor the expiry date of your pass and visa. Overstaying is an offence in Malaysian Law. Immigration will impose a penalty ranging from RM1,000 – RM5,000 depending on the duration of your overstay. You may be blacklisted and deported back to your home country. You can be prohibited to enter Malaysia for a period of time. You may even be IMPRISONED.


Leaving Malaysia without cancelling your student pass will result in the forfeiture of your PERSONAL BOND deposit by Immigration Malaysia and can cause consequences if student decides to apply to another University within Malaysia.

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