Special PassApplication Steps

STEP #1 :  Download  and fill-in application form/ [CHECKLIST FORM]

STEP #2 : Fill in the visa [SPECIAL PASS FORM] Prepare and submit the document to International Office for verification. Please bring a complete document, incomplete documents will not be entertained.  

STEP #3 : Once the document is complete, you need to make payment for visa processing fees to IO and upload the proof of payment at [HERE] .

STEP#4 :  IO will process and submit your application to MID.

STEP #5 : You need to check the [COLLECTION STATUS] and once it is ready to be collected, you can come to IO to collect your passport. 


A special pass is a temporary pass issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Usually it is valid for 30 days.


  • A Student who current student pass had EXPIRED WITHIN 7 DAYS.
  • LATE SUBMISSION for renewal/new student pass i.e less than 6 week before expiry of student pass.
  • When converting from current pass to other of passes and INSUFFICIENT PERIOD of time less in the current pass.
  • When current pass is EXPIRED while waiting for Student pass/extension/renewal application approval.
  • Application  for variation or progression while waiting for VAL approved in country.

Immigration will charge RM100 for each Special pass issue

*The application for a special pass is subject to approval by the Immigration Department of Malaysia

Special Pass Application (Checklist)



Malaysia Immigration Department has tightened the implementation of giving the Special Pass. Special Pass can only apply for 2 times. Validity of each Special Pass is for 30 days. For the first Special Pass, Immigration Department will mark “Pending Decision for Student Pass” and for second Special Pass will mark as “Making Arrangement to Leave the Country


All applicants who were given the Special Pass “Making Arrangement to Leave the Country” will no longer can apply for other passes such as Student Pass, Employment Pass or Professional Visit Pass while they are in Malaysia. No conversion from one pass to another pass shall be made or given anymore by the Malaysia Immigration.  Student have to leave Malaysia before expiry date once received the Special Pass.
Students and dependents who have overstayed in Malaysia will be brought to the Enforcement Unit, Immigration Department 2 times for verification to the Immigration Enforcement Officer, accompanied by UTHM International Office Officer. Any penalties/compound must be borne by the student. The process for overstay case will take 4–8 weeks for Immigration issue a Special Pass.