Summer Course ProgramInbound

UTHM’s summer programs are inbound short courses offered by the university comprising a wide variety of modules. Each module allocated specific credit hours and candidates are free to enroll in any module of their choice. The duration of each module varies from 5-day courses to 15 days camps. There are 36 courses to choose from as and the details (brochure) for each course can be found by clicking on the course names in the list below.

Application should be conducted through institutions (home university coordinator) since most of the programme requires minimum participants of 10.

Kindly refer to the General Procedures in order to apply. For further inquiries, kindly contact:

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Faculty of Civil And Environmental Engineering

Architectural Bamboo Folly

VFC 10101

Malaysian Rock Formations

VFC 10201

Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Kompang - The Traditional Musical Instrument

VDA 10101


VDA 10301

Traditional Meets Green Innovation

VDA 10201

Ceramica Malaysiana

VDA 10401

Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education

Graphics Technology in Creative Multimedia

VBD 10101

Commercial Air Duct System Design

VBD 10301

Wrought Iron and Steel Grill Design

VBD 10501

Digital Video and Animation

VBD 10201

Steel Gate Design

VBD 10401