The postgraduate research degree by thesis is under the supervision of experienced members of academic staff or a supervisory panel. A panel is made up of a graduate staff and experts from the University or other institutions. The minimum duration of study is 3 years for full time Ph.D and  1 year for master degree.

The progress of a research student is monitored and assessed by the supervisor at the end of each semester. Final assessment is made through the thesis prepared by the student and an oral examination. A student who has satisfied the Examination Committee in all aspects of their work is eligible for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy/Masters.

Courses offered are as below:

  1. Faculty of Civil And Environmental Engineering (Click Here)
  2. Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Click Here)
  3. Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Click Here)
  4. Faculty of Technology Management and Business (Click Here)
  5. Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education (Click Here)
  6. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Click Here)
  7. Faculty of Science, Technology and Human Development (Click Here)
  8. Faculty of Technical Engineering (Click Here)

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