UTHM @ Batu Pahat

UTHM is located in the middle west of Johor State in the district of Batu Pahat. Batu Pahat district is located 239km from Kuala Lumpur and 80km from Johor Bahru. Batu Pahat is a district rich in history and, amongst many theories, acquired its name “Batu Pahat” which means “chiseled stone” from the many quarries near the estuary. Batu Pahat is surrounded with palm tree plantations and other vegetation as well as lined with many rivers and streams.

Batu Pahat is also known for its small-medium sized industries such as textile, garments, electronics, rubber and food products. One of the well-known industries in Batu Pahat is the ceramic industry producing various tableware, sanitary-ware and art-ware products from clay.

The district of Batu Pahat has a population of about 249,604 local residents which is mainly comprised of Malays, Chinese and Indian.


                                                         Monument of Batu Pahat                                                                                                                                          Batu Pahat Flag



Major religions:

The major religions are Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism and Confucianism.There are two main mosques in Batu Pahat: Masjid Dato' Bentara Luar (located at Jalan Ampuan) and Masjid Sultan Ismail (located at Jalan Kluang).

Batu Pahat has over 400 Chinese temples, a reflection of its racial harmony. Some of these temples are beautifully renovated and thus have also become a tourist attraction. Many tourists, especially from Singapore, visit these temples and this has become part of the local economy. A unique Chinese temple located at Bukit Pasir is the Jian Nan Temple.


                                                                 Masjid Sultan Ismail                                                                                                                                         Jian Nan Temple