Kolej Kediaman Melewar

Kolej Kediaman Melewar

Kolej Kediaman Melewar

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Kolej Kediaman Melewar

Kolej Kediaman Tun Dr Ismail

Kolej Kediaman Melewar

Kolej Kediaman Tun Fatimah

Kolej Kediaman Melewar

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Kolej Kediaman Melewar

Kolej Kediaman Taman Universiti






For the purpose of teaching and learning activities, the University provides convenience lecture halls, examination halls, classrooms, and seminar rooms.  These fully air-conditioned rooms are all equipped with teaching aids.



Bus and van services are provided for off-campus university residential colleges.  The services are available from 7.30 am to 11.30 pm daily.



There are many cafeterias and canteens located around the University premises for staff and students to have meals, enjoy social gatherings, organize meetings and discussions, etc.



Banking facilities are available in and around the campus by various banks, including Bank Muamalat, CIMB, Public Bank, maybank and HSBC Bank, among others.



This facility provides easy international access for foreign students to communicate with their family members in their home countries.


スポーツ & レクリエーション

Among the sports and recreational facilities provided by the University are a stadium with track and field facilities, football field, rugby field, hockey field, netball court, handball court, volleyball court, sepak takraw & badminton hall, basketball court, wall climbing, golf driving range, Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis court and futsal court.


クラブ & 社会

More than 30 clubs and societies are registered in UTHM.  International students are welcomed to join these clubs and societies to share their own experiences, knowledge and cultures with other students.



The University Health centre (known as the PKU) provides health and medical services, including emergency services aqnd outpatient treatment.  The centre also provides an ambulance service.  All International Students must undergo health screening conducted by the PKU as required by the Malaysian Immigration Department.


Tunku Tun Aminah図書館

The library has 16,000 square meters floor area and can fill as many as 300,000 volumes collections.  Currently the library holds more than 180,000 copies of books, 7,000 titles of thesis, 300 titles of journals, 40 titles of magazines, 20,000 copies of audio-visual material, 27 online databases and 4 e-books services



For your convenience, self service kiosks and mini markets are available on campus, offering basic necessity items, such as stationary, magazines, books, newspapers as well as food and drinks at reasonable prices.



The University also provides its students with Career Guidance and Counselling services through its Student Development and Counselling Centre.  Experienced counsellors are available to assist international students with academic and personal matters during their period of study at the University.  This will enable them to focus on their academic pursuits.



On-campus residential colleges are available to provide accommodation for local and international students.  They are equipped with facilities such as wi-fi access, cafeterias, student lounges, cyber cafes and mini markets.  On-campus accommodation is not guaranteed for international students.  In view of the limited place, priority is always given to new students.  All first year undergraduate students are eligible to stay on-campus.


International Office

国際事務所、UTHM 86400 Parit Raja、Batu Pahat Johor、マレーシア


  電話 : 07-453 8514 / 8515
ファックス : 07-453 8516