Inbound Mobility Programs

Inbound Mobility Programs are offered by UTHM to students from institutions outside the country. There are currently two types of inbound mobility on offer; student exchange programs and summer courses.


Inbound Student Exchange Programs

Through this type of program, candidates will earn academic credits and grades that will contribute towards the graduation requirements of their host universities. This will normally involve attending a module or a course (subject) that is deemed relevant to the degree program which the students are registered in.

UTHM offers one to two semester exchange at undergraduate level on a wide range of courses in Engineering, Science and Technology, ICT and Management which are taught in English. The list of academic programs in UTHM can be found here: UTHM Programs

The role of the international office is to assist students who are interested in joining such programs.Therefore, we welcome any inquiries regarding exchange programs to be directed to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Dr Nur Sofurah / Mrs. Rahayuwana) 


Inbound Summer Programs

UTHM’s summer programs are inbound short courses offered by the university comprising a wide variety of modules. Each module is allocated specific credit hours and candidates are free to enrol in any module of their choice. The duration of each module varies from 5-day courses to 15 days camps. There are 36 courses to choose from as and the details (brochure) for each course can be found by clicking on the course names in the list below.

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

  1. Architectural Bamboo Folly
  2. Malaysian Rock Formations
  3. Sustainability Strategies in Malaysian Construction Projects
  4. Exploring Engineering in Nature
  5. Awareness and Discovery of Structures and Materials

Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 

  1. Kompang - The Traditional Musical Instrument
  2. Tradition Meets Innovation
  4. Ceramica Malaysiana
  5. The Joy of Aviation World

Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

  1. Graphics Technology in Creative Multimedia
  2. Digital Video and Animation
  3. Commercial Air Duct System Design
  4. Steel Gate Design
  5. Wrought Iron and Steel Grill Design

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology 

  1. CyberSafe Discovery
  2. MS Access for Beginners
  3. PHP Programming with MYSQL
  4. Digital Video Production using Adobe Premiere
  5. Visual Basic .NET for Beginners
  6. WordPress for Beginners

Faculty of Science, Technology and Human Development 

  1. Herbs and People: Traditional Practices in Malaysia
  2. Lowland and Highland Tropical Ecosystems in Malaysia
  3. Land Use Management and Sustainable Development: Road to Sustainable Development
  4. Lowland and Wetland Tropical Ecosystems in Malaysia

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

  1. Domestic Electrical Wiring
  2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  3. Electronic Communication Systems
  4. Fabrication of Single and Double Layer Printed Circuit Board

Faculty of Engineering Technology 

  1. Ant-weight Robot Bootcamp
  2. Environmental Awareness and Ecosystem Sustainability
  3. Process Plant Operations
  4. Exploring Malaysia Stingless Bee Honey

Faculty of Technology Management and Business

  1. Business and Entrepreneurship

Centre for General Studies and Co-curricula 

  1. Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia

Center for Language Studies 

  1. Tropical Camp

Application is done through institutions. The interested institution is requested to fill in an application form and return it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Download the application form from the link below.

MS Word Version: UTHM Mobility / summer program Application Form (for Institutions)

PDF Version: UTHM Mobility / summer program Application Form (for Institutions)


Special Inbound Mobility Programs

Based on the above courses, the International Office also organizes specific International Summer Programs. Click on the link below to find out more.




Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering